Month: September 2016

You’re doing it wrong: Marking and feedback tips

You’re doing it wrong: Marking and feedback tips As an English specialist, I’m probably a little bit biased when it comes to the subject of marking, but English teachers definitely pulled out the short straw when it comes to marking. The marking load for teachers is massive, it’s incessant and, to be brutally honest, it very often doesn’t have the impact on the students that we would want it to achieve. Certainly, the resulting improvement in students’ work doesn’t seem to tally with all the effort and hours that goes into filling your car boot full with carrier bags...

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6 Steps for Preparing a Lesson Plan

The lesson plan is central to a successful lesson. You know what you have to cover in a lesson, but how will you do so and keep students engaged? Follow these simple steps to preparing a lesson plan, and hopefully you can’t go wrong. 1) Ask yourself what you want your students to learn in each lesson. Then write down what you need students to understand by the end of the lesson. The topic of the lesson will inform your learning objectives. Think about the activities you can use in class to achieve the learning objectives. How will you organise...

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6 Tips to Help with Classroom Management

As you become a more experienced teacher, you will develop you own tricks and tips to ensure that your classroom management skills are up to scratch. What works for one teacher may not necessarily work for another, or for you. However, there are some tips that will help with classroom management whoever you are. 1) Make sure from the start of the school year that your students know what behaviour is tolerated and what is not. One way of doing this is to ask students to work in groups to come up with classroom rules. Put these on the...

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How to be an Assertive Teacher in 5 Easy Steps

Okay, we need to come clean about this – being an assertive teacher in the classroom or being more assertive in life isn’t always easy. In fact, becoming more assertive, when you are not naturally that way inclined, is anything but easy – it can be very difficult, so ‘How to be an assertive teacher in 5 easy steps’ is perhaps stretching it a little bit, but here are 5 steps that will certainly help you along the way on your journey to becoming more assertive. One – Accepting your self-concept A human being’s ability to act in an...

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