Month: August 2016

Top 5 Tips for NQTs for the Start of Term

Just recently I have been in contact with The Educator otherwise known as @TheEducator_UK on Twitter. They have established themselves as a dedicated job site for UK education professionals. On looking through their tweets they are much more than that. They are tweeting items of educational interest and also they are in the early stages of providing a free teaching and learning resource library for teachers. That is where my involvement began. I was asked by Tom, the tweeter, if I would be willing to share any of my teaching resources. In reality as I teach in a special...

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A second bite at the cherry: Can Rio 2016’s legacy exceed London 2012’s and get more children participating in sport?

Barely a week since the Rio Olympics drew to a close and with the Paralympics still to look forward to, now seems the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the momentum sparked by Britain’s most successful Games to date and get more children participating in sport. The BBC’s comprehensive coverage, as usual, showcased mainstream sports but also provided insight into more unusual ones that only seem to be granted an airing once every four years. The slogan “Get Inspired” was a fixture on our screens but, given that it first made an appearance around the time of London 2012, its impact...

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Why are Teachers Moving Abroad – The British Brain Drain

The message from media, colleagues and regulatory bodies is quite clear: our time is not a good time to be a teacher. Stagnating wages, increasing hours, and a deluge of paperwork are making the position less and less attractive, and it’s beginning to tell- the government recently missed their teacher trainee recruitment target for the fourth year running.[1] But why are teachers moving abroad to continue what is already a tough career rather than retraining while still young? What is leading teachers abroad? The answer that most likely springs immediately to mind is that the prospect of higher wages...

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Top 10 Tips for Teachers for the Start of Term

The start of a new school year is always a busy time, take care of yourself with these top 10 tips for teachers for the start of term. 1 Get enough sleep This is at the top because, if you only feel able try one of these, make it this one! We all know that we need a good night’s sleep, but it can be one of the most difficult things to achieve. Try these tips from the NHs to establish a healthy bedtime routine. 2 Eat breakfast Aside from the well-documented long term health benefits of regularly eating...

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Fixing the teacher recruitment crisis

In a recent article¹, the NASUWT declared that the only plan the government needs to address the teacher recruitment crisis is a change in its policies. The article highlights four areas that need to be addressed: teachers’ pay, career progression, morale and workload. This brings the scale of the problem sharply into focus and it is daunting. The financial costs of the crisis are staggering. According to a recent report2, schools spent £800 million on supply teachers in 2015 alone. The impacts on children are well reported – rising class sizes, less personalised learning and inconsistent teaching as schools call...

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