Month: April 2016


SHOULD THE BRITISH EMBRACE THE CHINESE TEACHING METHODS? The airing of the school based reality show “Are our kids tough enough” mid last year has brought about controversial issues not just among our British teachers but also the Chinese teachers. As interesting and entertaining as the show was, one cannot fail to point out that there is a humongous difference between the Chinese teaching methods and our British teaching methods. With each episode of the show, there was major deterioration of the dynamics between our fifty British students and the five Chinese teachers. It is also safe to say...

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Doesn’t it take two to tango in a teacher-student sexual relationship?

The issue of teachers having sexual relations with their students has been heard of since time immemorial. If anything, this has become the order of the day in so many schools nowadays. I don’t think that a person right now can possibly be shocked upon hearing that a certain teacher and student have been having a romantic or sexual relationship with each other. The issue has become so common and that’s part of the problem. People have gotten so accustomed to hearing about cases of this sort, such that it has no longer become a big deal. People no...

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The next step in EFL – Delta?

What it is The Cambridge Delta(Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)is a qualification designed for experienced EFL teachers, and is essentially the next step up from the Cambridge Celta.The Delta combines both theory and practice, as well as an extended assignment on a specialisation of your choice, and is intended to further improvea teacher’s existing skills and to support their professional development.  On the UK’s National Qualifications Framework (NVQ), it ranks as a level seven, the same level as a Master’s degree.  It is widely recognised across the world, especially in Europe and Asia, and is one...

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