Month: January 2016

Your step by step guide to becoming a teacher

Teaching gives you the opportunity to shape the lives of young people and teach a subject you’re passionate about, two great reasons to consider teaching as a career. It’s also dynamic and varied, offering scope for career progression and professional development. Perhaps you’re a recent graduate with a passion to make teaching your career, or you’re a career changer who’s thinking now is the right time to make the move into teaching. Regardless of the category you fall into, you can use this guide to find out more about two of the most popular and successful routes into teaching;...

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Becoming an EFL/ESL teacher

Why teach English as a foreign language? English as a Foreign (or Second) Language is a massive market for teachers.  Attracting those who have a severe case of wanderlust, want to strengthen their CV before seeking a mainstream teaching position, or just want to take a gap year or two before settling down into their chosen profession, opportunities abound in the EFL world.  The good news is, it’s also a relatively easy industry to get into.  Although there are several different paths on the road to becoming an EFL teacher, each follows two or three key steps.  Getting Qualified...

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New Year’s Goals and Resolutions for 2016

New Year’s Goals and Resolutions for 2016 This time of year encourages bold promises of change, improvement, development and the leaving behind of old, not so beneficial habits. So, jumping firmly on the New Year’s bandwagon and filled with good intentions, we give you the run-down of some of the most popular resolutions for the coming months. From career changes and new goals to self-improvement and development, we recommend some of the ways in which you can reach these goals. Progressing your career in the right direction January is synonymous with taking stock in how your career is progressing...

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New Year’s Resolutions 2016

The period between Christmas and New Year is one of the few times that teachers get to stop, relax and reflect. Using this opportunity to set a New Year’s resolution can be a very effective way to enhance our personal development and ensure our lives, our careers and our classroom teaching is developing in the right direction. This year I’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions which I hope will benefit my students and develop my classroom performance over the coming twelve months. 1. Provide better feedback Last year, a colleague began convincing me that the most efficient...

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Strengths Based Education

With the reality seriously challenging standard models of professional life modern educators become more aware how important it is to facilitate students’ entrepreneurial skills. It is becoming obvious that for our children to succeed in the future we need to provide them now with the tools that will help them confidently manoeuvre in the reality where knowing their strengths and playing to them is one of the most important assets. Nowadays, top enterprises focus on Strengths-based Models to become more successful, more productive, and more competitive on the market. What does this mean for educators? The main principle of...

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