Month: November 2015

Achieving the illusive work-life balance in teaching

Achieving the illusive work-life balance in teachin Achieving work-life balance is an ongoing battle for many teachers. Even the notion that balance exists somehow seems to be nearer living legend than reality, which as a teacher can make the task of organising and claiming your own a source of frustration and anxiety. What are the main obstacles to achieving work-life balance, and what measures can teachers take to swing the pendulum back in favour of a working life that includes personal and leisure time? One of the realities of teaching: Those in the profession know teachers work long hours....

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The International Education Boom Opportunities Abound in the Growing International Education Sector

The International Education Boom There are few professions in the world that provide the same breadth of employment opportunities as teaching, and with the current boom in international education there are an increasing number of vacancies for teachers across the globe. For teachers looking for a change of environment and an unforgettable experience the international education sector deserves serious consideration. Since the end of the 20th Century there has been massive growth in international education which has seen the number of international schools more than double. The International School Consultancy (ISC) which provides data and intelligence on the international...

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Why Bullies are Bullies

Why Bullies are Bullies: Bullies don’t bully because they are strong, powerful or full of confidence. They bully because they lack all these traits. They probably don’t have real friends or a person to talk to. They really want to be accepted by others because they don’t accept themselves. They don’t like themselves, they probably see themselves as many of our students see themselves already – as weak, unworthy and full of faults. However, they found a way to think better of themselves. Their way is to show others that they are stronger, that they have better clothes, more...

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Successful parents’ evenings: Tips and advice for teachers

Parents’ evenings can be extremely productive and beneficial for parents, pupils and teachers alike when they are successful. Conversely, they can also be ineffective and frustrating for all parties when the objectives of the evening aren’t met. How do we ensure that the valuable opportunities of parents’ evenings are realised, what are the pitfalls that should be avoided, and what constitutes a positive parents’ evening? Statutory requirement: Schools have a statutory requirement to report and consult with parents on their child’s education and progress, as outlined in The Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005. Parents’ evening is one of...

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