Month: September 2015

Teachers Unsung Heroes

Teachers Unsung Heroes: Teaching is a profession like no other, the challenges, the diversity and the rewards make it a truly unique career. It takes a huge amount of passion and commitment to be a great teacher – the type of teacher who can make a positive impact on the lives of young people. Teachers are gifted this precious opportunity, and the reward of seeing students progress remains the primary motivation for most educators, it’s what brings teachers to school in the morning with the determination to overcome the daily demands of school life. Alongside the professional satisfaction of supporting students to realise their potential, teaching is an incredibly diverse occupation, there is never a dull moment. It’s difficult to do justice to the diversity of challenges that teachers face, but a well know quote from Eliot Wigginton’s ‘Sometimes a shining moment: The Foxfire experience’ certainly comes close. ‘Teachers routinely have to teach over 140 students daily. On top of that, we have lunch duty, bus duty, hall duty, home room duty. …We go to parents’ meetings, teachers’ meetings, in-service meetings, curriculum meetings, department meetings, countywide teachers’ meetings, school board meetings, and state teachers’ conferences. We staff the ticket booths and concession stands at football and basketball games. We supervise the production of school plays, annuals, newspapers, dances, sports events, debates, chess tournaments, graduation ceremonies. We go on senior trips…....

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Why nurturing heart qualities in children is important and how educators can do it

Nurturing heart qualities in children is crucial for their social and emotional well-being. It is often considered, however, as one of the biggest challenges for teachers and educators. How to teach children to be compassionate, loving and kind towards others? Can these qualities be taught at all?          How can Early Years Educators and School Teachers contribute to bringing up considerate and sensitive children? In order to find the answers and the right approach it is necessary to have a sound understanding of what it means to be kind and compassionate as well as why we as teachers and educators...

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How to make Your Every Lesson an Exciting Adventure

How to make Your Every Lesson an Exciting Adventure? Making lessons unforgettable is what every teacher aims for. Believe it or not it is achievable, the only pre-requisite is passion for teaching. The rest you can easily learn. Of course it will require dedication but if we assume that you love your job, it is going to be pure fun and you will never consider it too overwhelming. Your inner drive for self-development is what makes you a good teacher, and sooner or later you will notice that being a teacher means more than being a professional. It is...

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Why the UK faces increasing teacher shortages

The school system in the UK is on the verge of a drastic teacher shortage that could result in a shortfall of 30,000 teachers by September 2016. There have been warnings of a teacher shortage in the UK for the past four years but despite concerns little has been done to rectify the situation. Education leaders and policy makers will need to take decisive action during the coming twelve months if they are to ensure there are sufficient numbers of teachers for the beginning of the next school year. A Perfect Storm This critical situation is the result of...

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Essential Tricks to Find Teaching Jobs and CV Tips

Searching for Teaching jobs and CV tips: Any teacher who has spent time looking for work will know that looking for teaching jobs is a job in itself. Sifting through vacancies to find suitable teaching positions does take time and patience. To address this issue, The Educator has created a facility where teachers can personalise their job search specifically to their requirements, meaning less time needed to find the right role. Aside from our jobs listings, this article also explains the best avenues to take when looking for school jobs, and where and when to look to keep you up...

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