11. Jill Berry @jillberry102

Jill Berry is an ex-head teacher and she has just completed a professional doctorate about moving from deputy headship to headship. She is now busy doing educational consultancy work and she tweets to help new and aspiring head teachers. She has over 14,000 followers.

12. Shaun Allison @shaun_allison

Shaun Allison is a tweeting Deputy Head at a school in West Sussex. His post are reflections on the founding principle of teaching practice which gives him a dedicated following of over 10,000 twitter users. He has his own website classteaching.wordpress.com where he regularly posts informative blogs.

13. Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt

Danny Nicholson describes himself as a science teacher first and foremost. However, he also just happens to be a SCITT PGCE Science lecturer and author. Handily he also tweets about being an interactive whiteboard trainer. His tweets are fun and lively as he is a self-proclaimed gamer and geek. He has over 11,600 followers.

14. John Tomsett @johntomsett

John is a prolific blogger and a head teacher from York. He is the author of books such as ‘Mind over Matter’. As head teacher at Huntington School he is also the founder of the Head Teachers Roundtable think-tank. He has over 26,000 interested followers looking to know more about leadership.

15. David Didau @LearningSpy

Author of ‘What every teacher needs to know about Psychology’ and ‘What if everything you knew about education was wrong?’ David Didau is also a passionate teacher and fruitful blogger and he has over 31,000 followers.

16. Tim Taylor @imagineinquiry

Tim Taylor believes that the “Greatest resource we have in our classrooms is the children’s imagination.” He posts tweets that promote innovation and excellence in primary schools and is a popular blog writer on these subjects.


17. Laura McInerny  @miss_mcinerney

Laura McInerny says once a teacher, always a teacher. She has over 36,000 followers as the Editor of @SchoolsWeek. Laura is also a Guardian columnist who writes about the experience of teaching.s.

18. Nancy Gedge  @nancygedge

Nancy Gedge is a Special Education writer and teacher and has been @TES blogger of the year. She also writes articles for @teachprimary and @BloomsburyEd from the perspective of being both a teacher and a mother. She has over 5,000 followers.

19. Tom Bennet @Tombennett71

Tom Bennett is originally from Glasgow. He is a school teacher, author and a regular contributor to TES writer. Now living in London, he is the Director of researchED- http://www.researched.org.uk/event/researched-2016-national-conference/ …and chair of @educationgovuk Behaviour group.

20. Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit

Ross Morrison McGill is well known among teachers as an award-winning deputy Head Teacher and blogger. His Twitter account defines him as one of the most followed UK teachers on Twitter with 154,000 followers. He is also the number one educational blogger as well as being a successful deputy Head Teacher.