Richard Branson

The Virgin boss and adventurer has been vocal about his distaste of formal education.  He went through school being given labels of several learning disorders and today still acknowledges his dyslexia. He left school at 16 and is now one of the richest men on the planet.

John D Rockefeller

There are some who believe the Rockefellers rule the world through the oil business. Yet, Rockefeller saw no need for a formal education to make this happen.  There is an argument to suggest that formal education may have limited his thinking – maybe – just a thought.

Russell Brand

Brand in pretty unconventional and I wouldn’t have wanted to teach him – well – I would have liked to try for a little while… His intelligence is clear – he sat down with the labour leader for a chat, after all.  He failed his A levels, which he has tweeted to console those on A level results day who didn’t reach their potential.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was also  put down by his teachers – he was described an average student.  It seems it is a bit of a nightmare to be the teacher of a genius!

Charles Dickens

He left school at the age of 12.  Twelve… yep.  Some of our 12 year olds struggle with a sentence and he had already left formal education! Amazing.