When speaking to children there are always famous people they aspire to be. And whilst many of these celebrities are good role models, there are some that may have a darker past when it comes to their school career.

Here are twenty celebrities you may not know were expelled from school.

1. Adele

Top crooner and South London lovely Adele was expelled from school after a dispute with a classmate over, of all people, Gareth Gates.

2. Lily Allen

Lily’s school career reads like an encyclopaedia with no less than 13 institutions, many of which she was permanently excluded with infractions from smoking to drinking alcohol.

3. Robert Pattinson

Before he became the vampire that can’t leave school, Robert Pattinson was kicked out of school for never doing his homework. Oh dear!

4. Amy Winehouse

Amy was always famous for being a bit of a rebel when it came to life and her music, but she was thrown out of school for simply getting her nose pierced.

5. Ryan Gosling

Suave and sexy is how many known Mr Gosling but, with an un-diagnosed case of ADHD, he caused chaos by threatening classmates with steak knives. Eek!