26. You get a lot more Christmas cards than your family

27. You are more likely to feel Christmassy than in any other job

28. The summer holidays

29. The Easter holidays

30. Christmas holidays

31. The holidays…

32. Getting paid in August!

33. Sometimes… every so often… you can genuinely leave work before 4pm.

34. There are a million in-jokes in any staffroom

35. When you get a kid to a grade that neither of you imagined possible

36. When a student comes to tell you that they want to be a teacher, and they suggest it is because of you

37. You have the best widescreen TV (commonly known as an interactive whiteboard) in your classroom

38. The smell of new books, before the kids get hold of them

39. The first time you mark after a new topic and the students have actually listened

40. The time you say something sarcastic and the kids think you meant it and it appears in their answers…

41. Students sometimes say thank you

42. Parents say thank you during parents evening

43. You get loads of bottles of wine

44. You gather strange talents you could use in the circus, like juggling, or maybe just the ability to stop hiccoughs

45. Listening to an older colleague who still has a passion for the classroom

46. Moving the mug of a grumpy colleague and watching the fireworks in the staffroom

47. Changing the furniture in your classroom and seeing how unnerved kids are by change

48. Changing the furniture in the staffroom and seeing how quickly it moves back

49. The first cup of coffee in a morning

50. When the head teacher tells you that you have done a good job