Author: Daniel Maxwell

UK Overhauls Sex Education for Primary and Secondary School students

The recent announcement by Education Secretary Justine Greening that there would be amendments to the Children’s Work and Social Bill which would require all children from the age of four to be taught about safe and healthy relationships while all secondary schools pupils would learn about sex and relationships, has received generally positive feedback from local authorities and children’s charities. The Education Secretary explained that these amendments would ensure that schools taught, “children and young people how to stay safe and healthy, and how to negotiate some of the personal and social challenges they will face growing up and...

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Essay Mills

With increasing numbers of A Level and university students turning to ‘essay mill’ websites to purchase written to-order assignments, the government is considering making ‘contract plagiarism’ a criminal offence. Students cheating on their homework assignments is nothing new, it’s been going on since the first educational institutions began setting homework, but with the development of the ‘gig economy’ and the establishment of online businesses dedicated to servicing students who would rather pay for an assignment than write one themselves, the number of students submitting fraudulent assignments is reaching unprecedented levels. In the early days of the internet, students would...

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Today’s children missing out on benefits of outdoor play

While advances in digital technologies are opening previously unimagined opportunities in work, leisure and education, our increasing reliance on technology can have a negative impact on our welfare. One issue, which is of particular concern for parents and educators, is that today’s generation of children are spending more time online and considerably less time playing outdoors, a situation which could negatively impact their emotions, health, intelligence and creativity. A recent survey revealed that 75% of children in the UK, spend less time outside than prison inmates. Furthermore, the report, Play in Balance, which polled 12,000 parents, recorded that 75%...

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While Equality in Education Improves, Obstacles in the Workplace Remain- Myth of Meritocracy

Over the past few decades educational institutions have successfully tackled many of the traditional gender and racial inequalities which had negatively impacted certain groups within society. However, a recent report indicates that the promise of social mobility, which education is helping support, remain unrealised in the labour market, where barriers and prejudices remain. The 2016 report, ‘Ethnicity, Gender and Social Mobility’ from the Social Mobility Commission, which tracked student progress through primary school, secondary school, higher education and the labour market, revealed a misconnect between educational success and career progress for women and certain ethnicity groups. This has led...

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Lessons from Singapore Education System

Singapore Education System, the most recent Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) rankings confirm that Singapore has become an educational super power, with graduates from the nation’s education system years ahead of most students in Europe and North America. So what is it, that this Southeast Asian city-state is doing right? What lessons can be learnt? And how easily could other countries duplicate Singapore’s success?   For a decade, Singapore has been at or near the top of international leagues tables which measure student achievement in literacy, numeracy and...

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